Transport Overland - 5 Playing Cards


5 History of Transport Overland Playing Cards 

- Excluding Rail, Track, & Cable

These are fabulous.

Each card features a different full colour illustration.

Perfect for use in your artwork, journals, pocket letters, cake toppers etc.

Randomly selected each pack contains one card of each suit plus a court card.

Contents will vary

Humans have an in-built desire - a 'wanderlust' - to explore. Today, we also have a necessity to travel by vehicle - to journey to work, to run errands, or simply to meet with others who live some distance away.

The history of land transport begins with 'beasts of burden' and the development of the wheel. Yet it was the 18th & 19th centuries which saw the giant scientific leaps in technology - vehicles powered by steam, electricity, and the internal-combustion engine. Stronger, lighter materials, road improvements and mass-production methods all played a critical part, as they still do today.

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