Stix-2 Glue Glider Pro Cartridge

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 6mm x approx 12m

Replacement Cartridge for Stix2 Glue Glider Pro:

  • Allows you to apply a small amount of adhesive as required.
  • Allows you to apply a neat 6mm strip of adhesive exactly where you want it.
  • Easy to use dispenser glides the adhesive onto your surface.
  • Tremendous high tack adhesive system for all household applications.
  • Easy slip in disposable cartridges eliminate the worry of having to reload in the middle of the project.

Please Note:

  • Apply only to clean, dry surfaces, free from dust, oil, grease, polish and moisture.
  • Press firmly to ensure perfect bond.
  • Recommendations are for guidance only, as conditions of use are beyond our control.
  • This adhesive is permanent and cannot be reversed.
Weight 0.06kg
Product Code STIX GGPC
Brand Stix-2

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