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Stix-2 A4 Tabbed Stamp Storage SheetStix-2 A4 Tabbed Stamp Storage Sheet
4 A4 tabbed sheets
Price: £2.00
Stix-2 A4 Textured Mounting SheetsStix-2 A4 Textured Mounting Sheets
2 sheets printable canvas
Price: £3.95
Stix-2 Adhesive RemoverStix-2 Adhesive Remover
Price: £5.00
Stix-2 Fabric Glue PenStix-2 Fabric Glue Pen
Price: £5.00
Stix-2 Flexible Magnetic DiscsStix-2 Flexible Magnetic Discs
Price: £1.00
Stix-2 Gift Wrapping SealsStix-2 Gift Wrapping Seals
132 25mm clear sticky discs
Price: £1.25
Stix-2 Glue Glider ProStix-2 Glue Glider Pro
Price: £12.90
Stix-2 Glue Glider Pro CartridgeStix-2 Glue Glider Pro Cartridge
Price: £8.00
Stix-2 Iron on Adhesive Hemming TapeStix-2 Iron on Adhesive Hemming Tape
Price: £4.00
Stix-2 Layer Perfect ImperialStix-2 Layer Perfect Imperial
Price: £15.00
Stix-2 Layer Perfect MetricStix-2 Layer Perfect Metric
Price: £15.00
Stix-2 Low Tack Stencil TapeStix-2 Low Tack Stencil Tape
Price: £2.35
Stix-2 Mini Craft Dots - 6mmStix-2 Mini Craft Dots - 6mm
300 6mm Adhesive Dots
Price: £1.75
Stix-2 Mini Hotmelt Glue GunStix-2 Mini Hotmelt Glue Gun
Price: £9.95
Stix-2 Mini Hotmelt Glue SticksStix-2 Mini Hotmelt Glue Sticks
Price: £1.80
Stix-2 Non Stick Craft SheetStix-2 Non Stick Craft Sheet
15" x 18"/ 381mm x 457mm non stick craft sheet
Price: £9.00
Stix-2 Permanent Tape PenStix-2 Permanent Tape Pen
8.4mm x 12mtrs
Price: £3.00
Stix-2 Pick Up PencilStix-2 Pick Up Pencil
Price: £3.00
Stix-2 Shiny Transfer FoilStix-2 Shiny Transfer Foil
10 Sheets 2 Sheets of Red, Blue, Green, Silver and Gold
Price: £1.50
Stix-2 Shiny Transfer Foil CarnivalStix-2 Shiny Transfer Foil Carnival
12 Sheets; 2 each of Electric Pink, Princess Purple, Silver Lining, Fuschia Fix, Purple Passion, Copper Sheen.
Price: £1.65

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