10 Tyvek Tags


41 mm x 82mm

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10 TYVEK tags 41 mm x 82mm

Stamp, stitch, paint, and dye just like Beryl Taylor 

An easy Tyvek Technique;

Colour a tag with paints, inks or pens on both sides, leave to dry between colouring each side.

Once dry iron between 2 teflon craft sheets, or just folded in half if you only have 1, the tyvek will distort and bubble.

Alternatively dab embossing ink onto the tag after colouring and sprinkle with embossing powder, heat with heat gun, this gives a more distorted 3D effect.

Remember to allow the tyvek to cool before picking it up!!!

Ideal for garden labels too, just write on with a waterproof pen.

Product Code FP1 TTAG

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