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Steam punk is a science fiction sub-genre, an alternate history based around a victorian era perspective of science, ethics, culture and style.

Steampunk works often feature steam driven automotons, airships, atomic locomotives and ornate submarines, often adopting the style of 19th Century novelists such as HG Wells and Jules Verne.

If you like the vintage look & to mix a bit of hardware, cogs, watches and impeccably attired ladies and gentlemen into your projects then the steampunk style may be for you!

Artwork by The Fruit Pixie

Steampunk Cutting, Embossing & MaskingSteampunk Cutting, Embossing & Masking
Steampunk EmbellishmentsSteampunk Embellishments
Steampunk PapersSteampunk Papers
Steampunk Rubber StampsSteampunk Rubber Stamps
Steampunk Stickers & Rub-OnsSteampunk Stickers & Rub-Ons

Craft UK Bunting Pack Jubilee ScallopCraft UK Bunting Pack Jubilee Scallop
Price: £1.00
Craft UK Bunting Pack Jubilee StraightCraft UK Bunting Pack Jubilee Straight
Price: £1.00
Craft UK Bunting Pack White ScallopCraft UK Bunting Pack White Scallop
Price: £3.00
Craft UK Bunting Pack White StraightCraft UK Bunting Pack White Straight
Price: £3.00
USArtQuest Faux Lace Collection KitUSArtQuest Faux Lace Collection Kit
Price: £28.00

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